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Finding a healthy mindset together

For those seeking mental health support and professional guidance, join an Eden Valley workshop.

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Finding a healthy mindset together

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Clinical Therapy | Mental Health Workshops | Parent Coaching

Unconditional love and support for all youth. Equipping young adults to reach the potential they strive for and find fulfillment in their lives.

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Worthy OF LOVE.

Worthy products hold a powerful message for young adults who struggle with finding self-worth and belonging.


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Many needs go unattended, and in the worst cases can have severe lifelong ramifications for many people. Some needs are physical; food, shelter, safety. Some are mental or emotional; anxiety, depression, suicidal behaviors. Some are practical; not knowing how to make a resume, hold a job, hold a relationship.

Together, we can shift a young person's tragedy into a triumph that changes the trajectory of their entire life, and potentially many others connected to them.

When you partner with our organization you are - in many cases -  literally helping to save young people's lives. Join our community of monthly givers, who make it possible for our organization to to meet the needs of youth throughout the north east in whatever capacity that entails.

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Meeting someone's basic needs is anything but basic.


Impactful programs

We focus on what young people don't have enough access to and need more support with.


North Eastern focus

We have firm roots set in New England, as our directors have all grown up here and are local. Learn more about why.


Innovative methods

Meeting the needs of young adults through programs that they are passionate about being involved in.

young adult feedback

measurable impact

"Helped me develop my skills and friendships, but also allowed me to use my gifting to serve and encourage others..."

"Rev has helped me form deep relationships with people... who I never would've met otherwise!"

"Some of my closest friends are the ones I met at Rev."

..."I couldn’t have done it without the mentors of Revolution Youth"

"Revolution Youth provided me a safe community to find friendship...”

..."Offered me a sense of community with people my age."



And counting. Young people from all over the world love Revolution Youth.

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"Eden Valley's first Worthy Workshop is finally here! This is available entirely for free as an online course with live interactive components. Sign your student up for free here."

Jo Lord

Director & CEO of Revolution Youth

"What a year it's been so far! We're excited to announce that Eden Valley has a new home. Our clinical offices are open at the mid-April in downtown Burlington, Vermont. We've been working around the clock to provide crucial mental health services to our community. We're rapidly expanding our local team, and continuing to take applications for hiring."

Savannah Lord (LICSW & LADC)

Clinical Director, Eden Valley

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Help bring equity and opportunity to every young person in the North East.

The lack of youth development and support is massive. But together, we can solve it. Join our community of monthly givers to help young people find answers and support.