Investing into New England's youth.

Your generous contributions enable us to take massive action.
Social Justice

We support and love every black person.

Revolution Youth is taking a stand to ensure every voice is heard and that human life is valued above all else.

What's new?

We thought COVID-19 would be a perfect time to launch our online community for youth who want to grow.

New Space!

We have a new Rev HQ.
When visiting the Burlington, Vermont area, we'd welcome you to come by our new office at 47 Maple St downtown. Make an appointment by emailing
Revolution Youth

Enabling youth.

Providing opportunities, events and experiences to young adults in New England.

Create. Collaborate. Compete.

Join our Evolve community.



A community for young creatives.

Evolve is coaching, collaboration and competition for young artists.
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COVID-19 Update

Stay healthy everyone!

Right now all of our meetings are virtual.
We meet multiple times a month to continue developing our volunteer team. If you're interested in getting involved, please reach out.
October 17

Walk For Freedom.

Raising awareness and support for victims of human trafficking.
We're currently ironing out all of these details. If you'd like to be involved, please reach out.

An epic journey to Maui, Hawaii.

A team of world travelers on an adventure of a lifetime.
We're taking a small group of young adults 18+ on an epic adventure. More details coming soon.


Young creatives unite, online!

 Join our thriving community of young adults who are artists in music and media of all sorts.

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The first annual Evolve Awards ceremony.

Recognition, prizes and awards for young creatives.
August 23, 2020.

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Purpose 2021

Spring break in Maui, Hawaii.

 Take time to breathe, relax and explore. Professional photographer included.

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Next Generation

Introducing Equality.

A world-class agency with award winning talent that happens to work for us. Website coming soon.


In Burlington, Vermont.

 The ultimate destination space for creators all over New England. Coming Summer 2020.