Jo Lord

Emmy® award-winning creative leader with expertise across multiple sectors, committed to innovating mental health access and support.


I am a seasoned creative leader and two-time Emmy® award winner, renowned for blending creativity with strategy across varied industries such as finance, healthcare, education, technology, and entertainment. As the Executive Director of Revolution Youth, I use my design expertise to drive innovation in mental health initiatives for young creatives. As a recovering perfectionist, I encourage others to embrace bold, uncompromising ambition while upholding high standards. My approach aims to achieve maximum impact with minimal elements, avoiding diminishing returns. My visual communication crafts stories that are conveyed simply yet powerfully, creating experiences that resonate deeply and are memorable.


For over two decades, I've refined my visual communication skills, starting as an enthusiastic young designer and advancing to Chief Creative Officer for Equality. I've also served as a Senior Design Consultant for leading corporations like A+E, CBS, NBC Universal, and have collaborated with culture-shifting platforms such as Meta, X, and Google. My portfolio boasts award-winning work in photography, motion media, and graphic design. One notable project was the 'Worthy' brand for Revolution Youth, which reflects a deeply personal message that resonates with me and features a visually compelling narrative. My method centers on targeted communication and refined aesthetics, focusing on essential ideas stripped of excess to authentically connect with audiences.


From winning my first Emmy® to shaping the visual and strategic branding for globally recognized brands, my proudest achievements have centered on the people I've invested in along the way. As a creative leader, I have made a lasting impact on the numerous individuals and design teams I've either built or been a part of worldwide. Each role has propelled me toward greater creative challenges and enabled me to innovate traditional team practices. My journey has now led me to advocate for and influence artists' mental health through my work at Revolution Youth. My career is a testament to the fusion of creativity with purpose, dedicated not only to achieving aesthetic excellence but also to driving meaningful change.

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