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Meet Equality

We elevate brands.

People expect more of brands than ever before. They expect brands to go beyond. We innovate and create to bring forth the best possible growth solutions for our clients. Equality inspires brands and people to impact the world.

Our ethos

Relationships that work.

We unlock hidden potential when we join together. Equality brings our world-class talent with decades of experience, and partners with our clients who bring their expertise and passion. Together we solve the most difficult challenges and truly leave the world better because of it.

This world will continue to change. New difficulties will arise. New problems will need to be solved. Nonprofits will pivot again and again. But relationships, built on trust and respect, will empower us to face the future with confidence, whatever it may be.

world-class talent

Simplicity is complexity resolved.

We streamlined and simplified the complexity of content creation. We are able to deliver cost-efficient packages of engaging content to our clients every single time.

Equality isn't full-service agency, we only do what we know we can do on-par or better than any other. We are your group. An extension to your internal team. Creating solutions and achieving transformative growth for leading and high-impact organizations.

Experience that speaks for itself

In it to win it.

We are your partner for exceptional storytelling, high-end branding and memorable content that results in transformative growth.

Our team has worked with high-impact and leading brands in the social impact space, nonprofits, spiritual and lifestyle influencers for decades. Together, we want to bring your story to life in a massively recognizable and effective way.

the digital era

Creativity solves business problems.

We are experts in on-boarding large and complex organizations struggling to remain relevant in the modern digital era. Our team carefully crafts the identity and ambience of your organization of the future.

Our capabilities

Services + Disciplines

We are here to craft memorable identities and help your message not only be seen, but resonate deeply with your audience. Everything we do, we do so with the highest level of expertise and attention.

1. Strategy + Growth

Brand Positioning
Brand Story + DNA
Messaging + Storytelling
Content Planning
Digital Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Performance Marketing
Paid Social
Social Media Ads
Social Media Management
Strategic Collaborations
Brand Development
2. Branding
Name + Naming System
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Brand Books + Guidelines
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Presentations + Toolkits
3. Digital Environments

Development Support
Shopify / Wordpress / etc.
Responsive Website Design
Website Content Refreshing
Email Template Creation
Creative Email Marketing
‍Website Design + Build
4. Content Creation
3D Motion Graphics
CGI (Hyperreal Imagery/Video)
Advertising + Campaign
Still Life + Editorial
E-commerce Volume
Social Media Content
Directing + Filming
Editing + Post
Full Production
Full-event production

Productions & Events

Full service productions.

We have production teams throughout North America ready to accommodate any feat, anywhere. From renting venues and filling them with necessities, to recording and producing entire videos. Call or message today to discuss a project with our team.

Houston, TX | Burlington, VT | New York, NY | Orlando, FL | San Diego, CA

productions & Events

Unique circumstances are nothing new.

- Celebrity party and events
- Commencements
- Concerts
- Corporate events
- Corporate seminars
- Music videos
- Interviews
- Docuseries
- Other

Let's begin

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Case studies

Visit our website for reviews and case study examples of our work.

Revolution Youth owns Equality, and this page is an overview of what we do. For a more in-depth look, examples and reviews head over to our agency's website.

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Imagine what we'll create together.

Where is Equality located?
Our core team is based in Burlington, Vermont at Revolution Youth's HQ downtown. We have production teams all over North America. The majority of our work is primarily based in New York City.
What's a typical project budget?
Our services are world-class, and with that comes high demand and that equates to higher price tag. But it's always worth it, and we always make sure our client is completely satisfied with our services. Unfortunately due to high demand we're unable to accept any work with budgets less than $5,000.
Does your production team travel internationally? 
Yes, absolutely. We've done production work in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America.
Does Equality offer social media management?
For clients who request an all-inclusive service we offer social media creation, curation and daily management with a designated team member to directly handle your questions and concerns.