Eden Valley

Focus on an improved version of you.

Eden Valley provides mental health and wellness workshops, retreats and events for young adults.


Our team loves connecting young people to someone they can trust who will help them through a season of life.

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Campfires & Gatherings

One of our favorite things to do is host gatherings and retreats that promote wellness, allows for new friendships and a sense of unity.

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Camping & Outdoor Recreation

One of the best things a young person can do to benefit their mental health is get away for a weekend with friends. We host Experiences with our Everywhere program that provide this kind of environment.

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Topical Workshops

Most young adults have insecurities, anxiety, depression and many other struggles. Our workshops are led by professionals who provide resources and support for youth who want help.

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You are Worthy of love.

Worthy, by Eden Valley, creates products that are easily marketable to young adults who support the simple idea of each person being worthy of love and belonging. These simple but powerful beliefs are reinforced on our social media.

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Eden Valley

Conservation & Retreat, Coming Soon.

Somewhere nestled between the Adirondacks and the Green Mountain range lies a peaceful, quiet valley.

Escape from it all.

A private ranch where Revolution Youth’s operations are based out of, providing unique experiences for young adults to find spiritual grounding, emotional, and physical healing. A place for families to retreat and find solace and reconciliation. A place where wildlife and nature are left untouched and where our human souls can connect to our roots in a significant and meaningful way.

Closure with your past.

Find yourself in Eden Valley. No matter where you’ve been you can leave it behind when you are here. This valley is a place for healing and restoration to happen within everyone who visits. Participate in trauma-informed, psycho educational workshops that equip our guests with new coping skills for emotional stress. Engage in Equine Therapy or Talk Therapy with our on-site licensed professionals. Get lost in nature. Join a mindfulness class. Step into Eden.

Preparation for the future.

Eden Valley is where those who have a past come to prepare their future. Once closure has been found with the past, our on-site wellness team will help chart out a new path for the future. We’ll do everything we can to encourage, uplift and equip our guests towards meeting their future goals when they step out of Eden.

A restorative environment.

Whether you're a young person with a traumatic past, or need a place to start over, Eden Valley welcomes you home.

Make an investment today.

Donate to our Gofundme to help our organization purchase and develop the land we need for Eden Valley.

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