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Endless Possibility

Eden Valley provides restorative environments, clinical treatment and workshops for those seeking refuge and healing from their past, struggles and challenges.
therapeutic treatment

We have a team of licensed, accredited, and experienced therapists who can help you with a range of issues including depression, anxiety, relationships, trauma, grief, and more.

workshops & groups

Our clinicians and trained professionals offer topical mental health focused workshops. These workshops help equip people with tools to cope with their anxiety or depression, have healthier relationships and much more.

parent coaching

Parent coaches equip caregivers to cultivate more fulfilling connection and structure within their family. This professional coaching helps parents decide what they want their relationships with their children to be like.

Clinical Internships

We partner with colleges to provide students unique field experience and licensed supervision.


Clinical Supervision

On a case-by-case basis our licensed clinicians consider offering supervision to other therapists.


New Beginnings

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For all new mental health related inquires, please email our team. Please include in your email any scheduling, in-person or online preferences. Include insurance information if applicable, and provide a brief overview of what you're seeking therapy for.

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Workshops Happening Now

Join a supportive community that inspires and promotes personal growth and healing.
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Split Happens
A safe and therapeutic environment for those grieving the loss associated with uncoupling from an intimate partner. Over eight weeks this group will meet every Thursday evening to support each other by fostering growth through acceptance and shared experiences.
For those seeking to build a healthy foundation for current and future relationships. Worthy instructors teach from the results-proven Dibble Institute curriculum Love Notes SRAE and these workshops are periodically available as in-person and virtual cohorts.
Benefits of group Learning & processing

Giving & receiving support
Judgement-free atmosphere
Enhance communication skills

Worthy of love & belonging

Join the next cohort of Worthy workshops, available as closed-enrollment groups of middle school, high school and college age youth and young adults.

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Finding a healthy mindset, together.