Recruiting Specialist

We are looking for a recruiting specialist to promote volunteer mission vacancies and to screen, shortlist, and interview candidates. In this role, you will develop and post job descriptions using social media and other platforms in order to identify suitable applicants. You will analyze the recruitment process and make recommendations for improvements or changes.

Volunteer - Part or Full Time
Remote or on-site

To ensure success as a recruiting specialist, you will be conversant with a wide range of social media for job postings and you will keep track of the on-boarding process of candidates.

Recruiting Specialist Responsibilities:

  • Discussing and establishing qualification requirements and terms and conditions of Missions with program directors.
  • Formulating detailed Mission descriptions and posting them.
  • Conducting phone calls or meetings to create a shortlist of qualified candidates.
  • Interviewing candidates on the shortlist and maintaining a database on volunteers and employees for future vacancies.
  • Mediating between candidates and program directors.
  • Using web-based technology and social media to analyze hiring trends, post job vacancies, volunteer opportunities, and following up with candidates during the on-boarding process.
  • Producing reports on hiring, volunteer plans and strategies.
  • Measuring the results of candidate interviews and job placements using and other software as needed.
  • Revising HR policies and ensuring that fair employment and volunteering practices are implemented.
  • Analyzing on-boarding and recommending improvements or changes.

Recruiting Specialist Requirements:

  • Extensive experience in HR, business, psychology, or another related field.
  • 2-3 years of experience as a recruiting specialist with a track record of employee or volunteer placement.
  • The ability to work within a team and to coordinate team activities.
  • Excellent analytical skills to examine resumes and find the best-suited candidates.
  • Clear verbal skills to communicate well with candidates and managers.
  • Proficient writing skills to produce reports on hiring analyses.
  • Leadership abilities to delegate tasks and train new employees.
  • Strong negotiation skills when discussing terms and conditions of employment.
  • In-depth knowledge of hiring strategies, labor laws, volunteer rules for nonprofits and employment equity.
  • The ability to evaluate recruiting software packages and to recommend those which are best suited to the company.

This is a Revolution Youth, INC 501c3 Nonprofit volunteer position. This will be for a 90 day "Mission" to assist our organization with a very specific set of skills. Post-mission analysis will determine if another mission is needed and other terms and conditions may apply.

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