Video Editor

We are looking for a video editor to capture the vision of the director. The responsibilities of a video editor include assessing multiple hours of film, assembling footage, and meeting film deadlines.

Full or Part Time - Internship or Volunteer
Burlington, Vermont

To be successful as a video editor, you should demonstrate excellent time management skills, the ability to turn a vision into reality, and be highly artistic. Ultimately, a high-quality video editor should have exceptional video editing skills, a creative approach to problem-solving, and to be able to work long hours.

Video Editor Responsibilities:

  • Reading the scripts to understand the vision of the Director.
  • Visiting set locations during filming.
  • Reviewing footage and selecting scenes according to the vision.
  • Trimming segments of footage.
  • Collaborating with Cinematographers.
  • Have reasonable sound editing skills.
  • Making revisions as per the request of the Director.

Video Editor Requirements:

  • Some experience editing video professionally for clients or at least a partial degree is preferred, but will look at anyone's editing reel!
  • Previous industry experience is a huge plus.
  • Strong knowledge of editing tools, techniques, and software.
  • Must be familiar with camera equipment.
  • Critical and analytical skills.
  • Great patience and concentration.
  • Organizational and time management skills.

This is a Revolution Youth, INC 501c3 Nonprofit volunteer position. This will be for a 90 day "Mission" to assist our organization with a very specific set of skills. Post-mission analysis will determine if another mission is needed and other terms and conditions may apply.

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