An ambitious crew with a big dream

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Not an easy task, but we're up for the challenge.

  We're on a mission to connect, love and inspire every young adult in New England.

Fearless. Clever. Committed. We need you.

Our core team is located in Burlington, Vermont.
Our regional team is expanding across New England.
Our global team focuses on our social media and influence everywhere.

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Where love abounds

love finds a way.
Suicide. Anxiety. Depression. Bullying. Homelessness. Hopelessness. You name it, it's present in youth culture today. We find this to be unacceptable, and completely avoidable.
Faith-based, but also faith-safe.
* As an independent nonprofit we are a safe place for many different beliefs to come together.
We host epic events and experiences for youth.
* Trips. Concerts. Community events. Gaming excursions. You name it.
Where are we going?

We're just getting started.

Local: Vermont
A young, hungry group of youth started meeting around campfires. Chilly Chilton started Revolution Youth to bring together. local like-minded young adults.
Regional: New England
We're rapidly expanding across the region, getting as many incredible people involved as we can! We're bringing on talented, safe and loving volunteers.
Global: Online
Online influence has never been more vital for success than it is today. Everything we do has a social component to it. We're building this community to scale.