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Small business, making a big impact.

By becoming a Flagship Sponsor of Revolution Youth you are helping to bring equity and opportunity to youth in the North East. That's a big deal.

Stories of business owners and leaders who are passionate about supporting youth.
All sorts of incredible small businesses and organizations become Flagship Sponsors.

Join other entrepreneurs, business owners & world changers as a proud Flagship Sponsor.

What can you expect when you become a flagship sponsor?

Social Media Content

You'll receive regular media updates from our team that you can easily post directly on your website or social media. It's a win-win situation when your customers are reminded thier frequenting your business is supporting a great cause.

Public Recognition

1. Logo or business name in video credits for programs
2. Our social accounts will praise your business support
3. All events will display your logo or business name

Physical Displays

Your customers should see the difference your business is making. We'll send you support stickers, a plaque to sit by the register or another physical installation to promote your giving. We also have graphics for you to display online.

Transparent Financials

You'll receive regular updates from our team that you can easily understand how your money is making a difference. These details will come as an email on a monthly basis.

Merch, Discounts & Perks

1. You'll receive new merchandise as it becomes available
2. Discounts available for our programs, including Equality
3. Perks are added often, and updates are sent out regularly

Feedback & Support

We believe in building long-term relationships with our Flagship sponsors and are available anytime during normal business hours to address your questions or concerns.

Imagine the difference we can make, together.

"Round up for charity" option at checkout
Our team would gladly assist in the technicalities of setting up a "Round up for charity" option with your POS or online checkout system. Please click here to start! We suggest cashiers say, "Would you like to round up, to provide help for youth in need?" This, plus a small plaque we can display near the register will help the customer connect with the need, and want to engage more with your brand as a result.
We want to make giving as easy for your business as possible. Please let us know if there's a simpler or more automatic way for you to give a percentage of your income. If you'd prefer to always give consistently each month, whether it's a percentage or particular amount, our team would be happy to set you up with this in the most automatic and simple way we can for your convenience. Please let us know if you have an alternative suggestion to the options made available to you on this page.
Run a specific campaign to raise funds towards a certain goal
We are thrilled when our Flagship Sponsors want to raise money towards a specific goal. We always have something that we're saving towards that will help support and meet the needs of teenagers in the the north east. When you become a Flagship Sponsor we send out an exclusive newsletter that showcases regular opportunities that you can raise support for. Please let us know if you have a specific campaign in mind or would like to discuss options.

Examples include:

- Scholarships for programs like Evolve and Everywhere for inner-city under-privileged youth.
- Refilling local food banks where teenagers receive school lunches or basic supplies.
- Paying for emergency medical bills or supplies for a family who can't afford their teenager's healthcare.
- Sponsoring summer camp scholarships.
- Making a dream come true for a teenager who's had a difficult lifestyle.
- Funding an after-school program for youth in high school.
Secure transactions and tax-deductible receipts
All of our online financial portals and systems that withdraw from your bank are encrypted and secure. We are also insured against cyber theft or tampering of any kind for up to a million dollars. On a monthly basis our Flagship Sponsors receive a statement of giving document for record-keeping and tax-deduction purposes. Please let us know if have an alternative preference, we're happy to accommodate.

Become a flagship sponsor

The lack of youth development and support is massive. But together, we can solve it. By becoming a Flagship Sponsor your business is helping young people find answers and support every month.

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Flagship Sponsors

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We couldn't do this without the generous support of so many people and organizations making it possible. We are so grateful to our partners, supporters, and volunteers who are helping us along the way.