A thriving community of young creatives who shape youth culture all over the New England and beyond. Evolve provides professional coaching and events that inspire youth to advance to the highest levels. This community is free to join and grow from sponsored businesses and individuals who recognize how important investing in the next generation is.

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Evolve is inspiring young creators to push the limits of what’s possible and expand their horizon.  Our competitions are focused around design, gaming, music, photography, and videography with additional mediums being added each year.



At the heart of Evolve’s supportive and encouraging community is collaboration. This sense of camaraderie and teamwork helps young creatives grow in their strengths, connections and inter-personal skills.



What sets Evolve apart from other creative programs is our connections with professionals in the industry. Our coaches support young creatives with the most relevant advice and instruction available. In the future, our coaches may also offer career opportunities for our students.


Our annual Evolve Awards is a thrilling opportunity for young creatives to enter into a prestiges award ceremony and receive recognition for their hard work. Our event takes place in Burlington, Vermont and is streamed online for a global audience.

Evolve Awards Trophy

Made from the Creators of the Emmy Awards

The Evolve Awards Trophy was designed by Jo Lord and created by the the production team who makes the Emmy Awards. This stunning translucent trophy represents the transparent process of an artist’s journey. It is Evolve’s highest honor, reserved for only the winners of our annual awards ceremony.

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Evolve’s supportive and encouraging community is online and open to young creatives everywhere. This kind of camaraderie and teamwork helps young creatives grow in their strengths, connections and inter-personal skills.

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Join our host Elena Tall as she interviews top talent in all sorts of creative fields. This podcast is available on all major streaming platforms. Search "Evolve Revolution Youth" or visit our Anchor page here for the links.

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