We are Revolution Youth.

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We are passionately serving youth and young adults with unconditional love being the hallmark of our mission.


Fearless visionaries

There's no idea too crazy and no budget so big that it will limit our imagination of how we can  best serve youth.


Bridge builders

We make connections and partner with other organizations to offer the best services and meet as many needs as possible.


Unconditional love

We believe every person is worthy of love and belonging. Nothing could keep us from loving and serving you.


Meeting needs

In everything we do, we have the absolute best in mind for young people and do what we can to best support and equip them every day.
We’re committed to serving every young adult within 500 miles of us.
Our HQ is in Burlington, Vermont

opportunities for young people to be creative, equipped and have the support they need to pursue their dreams.

Welcome to the north. Where everyone said it was impossible. Where people are built tough. Where bullying, depression and anxiety lead to frequent substance abuse and teen suicide. Where love and hope are needed the most. Our HQ is located in Burlington, Vermont.

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  • Passionate social impact nonprofit
  • Artsy scene downtown Burlington
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Flexible hours and vacation
  • Remote-friendly environment
  • Top-of-the-line equipment

Strength-based volunteering.

All volunteers working directly with students underage are required to be background checked. All volunteers working directly with sensitive data are required to be background checked.

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We value the time you put into an application, and we always follow up. Give us a few weeks (at most) to get back to you.

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Our team meets weekly to discuss where we're at, what needs to be done and whether or not you have any questions.