We are Revolution Youth.

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We are passionately serving youth in the North East with unconditional love being a hallmark of our mission.


Fearless visionaries

There's no idea too crazy and no budget so big that it will limit our imagination of how we can  best serve young adults.


Bridge builders

We'll do anything short of breaking the law to get as many young adults as we can to be happy, fulfilled and feel like they belong.


Unconditional love

No matter where your identity is - your history, your background, your habits or addictions - could keep us from loving you.


Welcoming to all

There's no belief, gender, orientation, race or anything else that could keep us from welcoming you with open arms.

Meet the team

We're rapidly growing our team and these are just a few friendly faces on our more public-facing roles.

Jo Lord

Director & CEO

2x Emmy Award winning designer with clients including NBC, CBS, A&E and many more. Born and raised in Maine. Advocating for young adults throughout the world and particularly in the New England area.

Savannah Lord (LICSW & LADC)

Eden Valley Director & Licensed Therapist

Savannah has a Master’s of Social Work from Columbia University and is a dual-licensed Clinical Social Worker and Alcohol and Drug Counselor. She specializes in cooccurring disorders, mainly substance abuse and post traumatic stress.

Tucker Oelsen

Creative Director

Experienced Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in hospitality branding and advertising. Skilled in Visual Design, Illustration, and Adobe Creative Suite. Strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) focused in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Elizabeth Bashaw

Worthy Program Director

Elizabeth is passionate about serving youth's mental health and wellness, and inspiring self-love, confidence and facilitating a community of belonging.

Josh Jones (PHD)

Secretary of the Board

Joshua Jones (PHD) has served as a headmaster and principle of a high school, and on the board of several education organizations.

Gokhan (Andrew) Simsek

Everywhere Travel Guide

NYC-based travel expert with over twenty years of international experience and has visited more than twenty countries. Gokhan doubles as our travel security guard and one of our Everywhere travel hosts.

Luis Sanchez

Creative Coach & Photographer

Frequently joining Everywhere trips and assisting with coaching and collaborations inside of Evolve, Luis is passionate about serving youth.

Neal O'bremski

Everywhere Travel Host

Neal is based in Montana and frequents Everywhere Expeditions, particularly international one's. He's an exciting travel host with a lot of experience and a great personality.

Elena Tall

Evolve Podcast Host

Elena has been with Revolution since the beginning. Now she has taken on the position of Evolve's podcast host and assists in all sorts of creative assistance at Revolution Youth.

Clint West

VP of Board, Co-Founder

Clint co-founded Revolution Youth in 2017 and has been a driving force of our organization since the beginning. He now continues to serve on our board.

Abigail Lord

Volunteer Coordinator & Leadership Consultant

Abigail is an expert at team building, leadership development and management. Her expertise has brought our organization to a higher level.

Bretteney Sanders

Volunteer Coordinator & Program Support

Bretteny specializes in organization and human resources and brings a new level of excellence to our team.

We’re committed to serving every young adult within 500 miles of us.
Our HQ is in Burlington, Vermont

We believe this region should have better opportunities for youth to be creative, equipped and have the support they need to pursue their dreams. Because they are not only the future, they are the here and now.

Welcome to the north. Where everyone said it was impossible. Where people are built tough. Where bullying, depression and anxiety lead to frequent substance abuse and teen suicide. Where love and hope are needed the most. Our HQ is located in Burlington, Vermont.

Explore roles at Rev Studio in Burlington

  • Passionate social impact nonprofit
  • Artsy scene downtown Burlington
  • Healthy work-life balance
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Flexible hours and vacation
  • Remote-friendly environment
  • Top-of-the-line equipment

Strength-based volunteering.

All volunteers working directly with students underage are required to be background checked.
All volunteers working directly with sensitive data are required to be background checked.

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