Serve for a time. Doing something you love.

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Our organization uses a unique Mission-based volunteer system where those with a particular skillset can serve for a pre-determined amount of time.


Qualified Skills

There are so many other ways to serve a nonprofit then by simply donating money. Your hard-earned expertise is invaluable to us.


Not Forever

We're not the kind of organization that thinks you'll stick around forever. Commit to a few weeks or months and then we'll reevaluate.



Thanks to the internet you don't have to be anywhere near our offices! You can serve while you tan on a beach in Maui. Woo!


When You're Needed

There's no reason to be in a bunch of meetings that you're not needed. We only 'tap' your expertise when we absolutely need you.

Strength-based volunteering.

All staff and volunteers working directly with students will have a formal background check completed.
All volunteers working directly with sensitive data will also be background checked.

Review open positions

Select one of the programs above to browse open volunteer positions. These all begin as volunteer unpaid positions.

Apply online

After you've selected a position you feel passionate about, apply using the form beneath the Mission description.

Interview with our team

We value the time you put into an application, and we always follow up. Give us a few weeks (at most) to get back to you.

Start your mission!

Our team meets weekly to discuss where we're at, what needs to be done and whether or not there are any questions.