A mission like ours needs a perspective like yours.

At Revolution Youth, we value all backgrounds, identities, and experience. We believe that a diverse team informs us of different cultures and perspectives; it makes us stronger.

We are committed to doing the work and challenging each other to be an organization in which everyone is respected and heard. We commit to providing genuine opportunities for all people to thrive. And we will continue to embed diversity, inclusion, belonging, and equality in everything we do.

enjoy good company.

We're committed to putting the wellbeing of our team first. Dubbed the 'oxygen-mask' policy, we ensure you are taken care prior to assisting someone else.

Work at your own pace.

Impacting the lives of so many young people is a whole lot of work, so we take good care of our team.

Flexible time off

A well-rested team is a happy team. Enjoy 14+ paid holidays and unlimited vacation—just get your work done!

3 Day Weekends

Get your OOO reply ready! Take Friday's off whenever you like, to help with your work/life balance.

Flexible hours

You're in charge of your own schedule. Focus on getting your work done whenever it's the best fit for you!

Fun surprises

We like to keep things interesting around here. Whether its gift cards, merch or tickets to an event-we pay attention and reward hard work.

Pursue your passion

After five years, our team is encouraged to take a 6-week paid sabbatical to travel, volunteer, or work toward a personal goal.

Work from... Wherever!

As we continue to work remotely, our team receives a regular budget to create a comfortable and productive home office space.

Wear what you want

There's no dress code, wear whatever you're comfortable with! We just ask you refrain from wearing anything with offensive political messaging or pornographic content.

Access to what you need

We do our best to provide each employee everything they need to do the best at their job, and make it as simple and straight forward as possible.

You first.

Our promise to our team is to always put your personal wellbeing above your work responsibilities.

Mental health days

If you're feeling unwell, take the time you need, and focus on getting back to the happiest and healthiest version of you.

Health insurance

We provide employees a pre-tax stipend for individualized healthcare plans.

Wellness budget

We believe people feel better when they're physically active. We provide an annual budget to use on some aspect of fitness related expense.

Paid vacation time

We start all of our employees out with 26 days paid time off. This increases with each year you are with our organization.

Life insurance

We've got you covered. All employees will join our organization's life insurance plan after their first year of employment.


We don't expect you to work with us forever. We are committed to setting you up for success, whatever is ahead.

Retirement Planning

We want to invest in you, and will meet you half-way. Employees benefit from our matching 401k plan. Your future self will thank you.

Professional development budget

Whether it's a conference or online course, license renewal or a specialized training, we give yearly stipends so that every team member can continue to develop their craft.

Opportunities to grow

We are continually bragging about our team members, and occasionally love to show off your super powers to the world. Don't be surprised if you're asked to join a podcast episode or lead a workshop down the road!

Student loan forgiveness

As a 501c3 nonprofit, federal student debt can be fully forgiven after ten years of employment. Learn more about this program here.

Competitive compensation

Our mission is so important, we need the best people on the job. We monitor private-sector opportunities and offer competitive packages for top talent.

Intern with us.

We have a high volume of internship requests each year. If you're interested in applying, we recommend you do so soon. To qualify you must be at least 18 years old and in most cases be actively enrolled in a university or similarly accredited institution. In some cases we accept non-enrolled individuals to intern with a particular program (ie Equality media team), please contact us for more information.

Because of the broad range of services we offer, an internship at Revolution Youth is both highly immersive and extraordinarily insightful. You get an insiders perspective on day to day operations inside of a modern nonprofit. You get access to some of the most brilliant minds in their spaces from our various programs.

Access so much awesome.

Strengths-based volunteering

All staff and volunteers working directly with students will have a formal background check completed. All volunteers working directly with sensitive data will also be background checked.


Qualified Skills

There are so many other ways to serve a nonprofit then by simply donating money. Your hard-earned expertise is invaluable to us.


Not Forever

We're not the kind of organization that thinks you'll stick around forever. Commit to a few weeks or months and then we'll reevaluate.



Thanks to the internet you don't have to be anywhere near our offices! You can serve while you tan on a beach in Maui. Woo!


When You're Needed

There's no reason to be in a bunch of meetings that you're not needed. We only 'tap' your expertise when we absolutely need you.

Review open positions

Select one of the programs above to browse open volunteer positions. These all begin as volunteer unpaid positions.

Apply online

After you've selected a position you feel passionate about, apply using the form beneath the Mission description.

Interview with our team

We value the time you put into an application, and we always follow up. Give us a few weeks (at most) to get back to you.

Start your mission!

Our team meets weekly to discuss where we're at, what needs to be done and whether or not there are any questions.

Explore opportunities at Revolution youth