Unparalleled opportunities for young people.

We meet the needs of young adults in the North East and create programs or partner with other NGOs who solve those needs effectively.

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What's happening?

Everywhere Expeditions

We opened up international travel opportunities to young adventurers.

Evolve Awards 2021

The second annual Evolve Awards will commence in October.

Evolve Podcast launched

The first season of our podcast for young creatives launched on social networks.

Everywhere launched

Travel for young creatives!

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Evolve Awards 2020, our first annual ceremony

Equality agency

Jo Lord started an agency that would later become what Equality is.

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Jo Lord became Revolution Youth's director

Savannah Lord joined

Savannah Lord became a team member who is now the Program Director of Eden Valley and serves on our board.

$10,000 donated by Invest to Impact

50+ youth meeting monthly

From bonfires to basements, long lasting friendships were being made.

150 Cherry St opened their basement studio to us

Our first program 'Underground' was started and on our best attended night we had 65 teens show up.

Chilly became full time director.

$100,000 was raised to launch our nonprofit.

Our founders and board started vision-casting.

Chilly Chilton and Clint West started Revolution Youth.

Eden Valley program launched

Following a year full of COVID-19 and lockdowns, teenagers are struggling more with anxiety and depression than ever. Eden Valley promotes events, curriculum and community around mental health and wellness.

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Revolution Youth will submit a press release for a new program or an upcoming event. If you are a media representative please reach out to our team to be added to our press release subscriber list.

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We are always looking for new friendly faces! If you are passionate about serving youth and don't mind a background check and getting some training, apply below!

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